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Michael Smalley's Riverside Raceway

View of Riverside Raceway from Turn 9

Michael Smalley has built a 4-lane Carrera track that is a replica of Riverside Raceway complete with banked turns and elevation changes. Track power is by Trakmate. Timing and stop-go control utilizes DS Systems hardware. Four driving stations are located at four different places around the track. Fantastic work, including a model building of the Eldon model raceway building that was at the real track, with a model of the model track inside of it!

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Champion Bridge
Champion Bridge
Entering Turn 7
Entering T-7
Turn 8 Trans-Am Battle
T-8 TA
T-Bird vs Vette, Turn 9
T-9 T-Bird vs Vette
Cobra and Porsche, Turn 2
Cobra and Porsche, Turn 2
David Pearson Exiting T-8
David Pearson Exiting T-8
Eldon Bldg
Eldon Bldg
Overall View from Turn 7
Overall from T-7
Cortinas Exiting T-7
Cortinas exiting T-7
Cobra #51 on Two Wheels or Less in T-6
Cobra action T6
King Cobra #98 takes Turn 6
T-6 King Cobra
View from the Back Straight
Back Straight

Track Design Features
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From the first race at Michael's Model Riverside Raceway
The First Race at Michael's Model Riverside Raceway

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