Just like the 70's...  only different.


Located in the hills 4 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles, Eddie Shorer’s King Mini Boola Raceway is a smaller version of the famous ‘60s commercial American Blue King track. The footprint is 18’ by 8’ with a lap-length of 55’, including four lanes with 4” lane spacing. Only the large turn at the end of the straightaway is banked. Power is supplied from a Pyramid Power Supply, and we typically run between 10 and 13 volts. While magna-braid is in place, we run cars with no magnets. A Trakmate lapcounting system provides times on a 21” flatscreen monitor, and laptimes are even called out on the speakers.


The surface is painted black, with red, white, blue, and yellow lane striping. No glue is allowed. Tires that work best are Ortmanns, giving us laptimes in the 4 to 6 second range, depending on the type/class of car. Professor Motor Controllers are used.

King Mini Boola Raceway has been added to the race rotation in the Farrout Slotcar Club www.farroutslotcars.com since 2011. We have occasional practice days before official club races.