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2009 SCX F1 1970-80s Championship

Race Reports can be found here: 2009 SCX F1 1970-80s Race Reports

The 2009 OTHG SCX 1970's-80's F1 Championship is in the books, and Michael Smalley is your season champion. Daniel Snipes finishes second and Terry De Los Santos captures third. Fourth is your author, Craig Williamson, followed by Nigel Rick in fifth and Thomas Lauffenberger in sixth. Eddie Shorer grabs seventh, while JR Ewing and Gary Woods tie for eight. Bob Beck completes the top ten.

Curr. 1234567  ModRawMod
Rank 3/75/307/1110/310/241/314/18TotalRacesAvgRankRank
1SMALLEY, Michael20202020112020131720.0011
2SNIPES, Daniel141818xx16x66416.5022
3DE LOS SANTOS, Terry18161211121818105716.4043
4WILLIAMSON, Craig121515141891598715.4064
5RICK, Nigelxx1318x102061415.2535
6LAUFFENBERGER, Thomas912141615151697715.2076
7SHORER, Eddiexxx102011x41313.6787
8EWING, J.R.1051081421867712.00188
8WOODS, Gary13139xx52060512.0098
10BECK, Bobxx165x14x35311.671110
11FARR-JONES, Stephen11x11x1013x45411.251211
12PAWL, Mike156x41611557611.201912
13BARNES, Opel67xxxx2033311.001313
14CHAN, Chris164612xx1654510.801614
15SMITH, Stan814xx881553510.601715
16WOLFE, Jimx8xx136x2739.002016
17WESTON, Tim510x9x1184358.602117
18BEER, Edx95x70163757.402418
19DELUY, Christophexxx139xx2227.331319
20TALAMON, Brucexx77x4x1836.002520
21BRACHER, Russell73x3x0162955.802821
22GIESE, Tomxxx15xxx1515.00422
23SCOTT, Bobxxxxx12x1214.00923
24TUNSTILL, Alvinx11xxxxx1113.671324
25SCHNIEDEWIND, Billxxxxx8x812.672225
25SCHRADER, Stevexx8xxxx812.672225
27WISEMAN, Jimxxx6xxx612.002527
27HAWKINS, Johnxxxx6xx612.002527
29POLAKOW, Billxxxxx4x411.332929

With just one race remaining, Michael Smalley continues his rout of the 2009 OTHG SCX F1 Championship. Below him some ties are resolved and some created with the top-ten completed by Daniel Snipes, Terry De Los Santos, Nigel Rick, Thomas Lauffenberger, Craig Williamson, Gary Woods, Stephen Farr-Jones, Bob Beck and Stan Smith. Tom Giese and Christophe Deluy each have only two races completed and both stand to figure in the final results.

The final 2009 SCX F1 race will be on Oct. 24 at Stan's Autodromo Baia della Sud.

Show Scores
With just two races remaining in the 2009 OTHG SCX F1 Championship, Michael Smalley continues to dominate with a win in every race. Behind him we see some changes, with Daniel Snipes rising to second, moving Terry De Los Santos to third. Nigel Rick sits in an impressive fourth, followed by Thomas Lauffenberger and Craig Williamson tied for fifth. Gary Woods is now seventh, Stephen Farr-Jones eighth, Stan Smith ninth and Opel Barnes holds tenth. Stan may well be bucking for the most improved driver of the year award, with top-10 placings in several classes. I have noticed that he is driving very smoothly lately, hardly sliding the car at all.

Michael Smalley maintains his perfect score in the OTHG SCX F1 Championship. Daniel Snipes in third moves closer to Terry De Los Santos in second. Thomas Lauffenberger takes up fourth. Craig Williamson and Gary Woods are now tied for fifth. Chris Chan is seventh, Stan Smith is eighth.

Nigel Rick uses a team win to boost himself to a tie for fourth with Daniel Snipes. Bob Beck falls to sixth with Thomas Lauffenberger and Opel Barnes seventh and eighth. The top three of Michael Smalley, Terry De Los Santos and Chris Chan remain unchanged.

With two rounds complete in the SCX Formula 1 Championship, Michael Smalley remains your leader, followed by Terry De Los Santos. Chris Chan rockets into third, moving Daniel Snipes to fourth. Bob Beck rises to fifth, leaving Stephen Farr-Jones, Thomas Lauffenberger and Bob Scott tied for sixth.

Round One of the OTHG Loaner Car Championship opened with SCX Formula 1 cars on the Nigel's difficult 15-turn track. Just three races in, this could be the season's most iimportant contest. Nigelstone is probably the most complicated OTHG Championship track with numerous traps for costly offs, and three long straightaways to let you spin your wheels. With exposed tires on the F1 cars the challenge left even some of the best drivers with heartache. At the finish it was Michael Smalley aceing first, Terry De Los Santos quietly stealing second, Dr. Daniel Snipes extracting third, Thomas Lauffenberger borrowing his way to fourth, Bob Beck sliding into fifth and legendary SCX F1 driver Stephen Farr-Jones owning sixth.

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